How to Make a Granola Bar

How are Bars Made

The Four Step Process


Prep ingredients

Heat Syrups, Chop Nuts, Grind Fruit, Etc

Measure ingredients

All ingredients need to be by weight,
not volumetric (like cups)

mix ingredients

Ingredients are mixed in large, planetary mixers
(like a larger version of a KitchenAid® Stand Mixer)

portion dough


Dough is put down onto a conveyor belt and the dough is rolled down under a series of rollers to the right height (and width) and then cut to length using a pneumatic guillotine cutter.


Dough is put into a hopper and two screws come together to push the dough out a fixed sized hole (think toothpaste). A pneumatic guillotine cutter then cuts the bar to length.

Bake (optional)

If required, bars are baked in rack
convection ovens.

Post processing (optional)

Bars can be scored or sprinkled with a topping.

wrap bars (required)

Bars are placed onto a machine called a horizontal
flow wrapper and carried forward on a conveyor
belt. The packaging film is wrapped around the
bars and sealed on the bottom (called the fin seal)
and then on the ends (called the end seal) and cut to length.

Box Bars (required)

point of sale boxes

Point of sale boxes are glossy and made of thinner material (chipboard). You would see them on the store shelf.

corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are made of brown kraft paper and can be mailed.

Master Cases (Required)

6-12 boxes are placed in a master cases and then are
ready to be shipped or placed in our fulfillment system.

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