Recipe Development & Consulting Agreement

Before you launch your bar brand with Element Bars, it is important to ensure that the recipes for your bars meet your taste and texture preferences. As a contract-manufacturing partner, you have three options for recipe formulation.


The Four Step Process

Option One: Provide Your Own Formula

The first option is to bring us your production ready formula. In a production ready formula, all ingredients need to be measured by weight – there can be no volumetric measurements like cups, teaspoons (or pinches!). You can develop the recipe in your kitchen, or work with a chef or food scientist. The advantages of this option are that you own the formula and it may be lower cost.

If you choose this option, we can complete a 12 bar hand-made bench test for $300 to ensure that the ingredients are compatible and meet your taste preferences. The 12-bar test is not always indicative of the final texture of your bar when we move on to large-scale production.

The Institute of Food Technologists has a good list of formulators available at

Option Two: Consulting Agreement

The second option is to pursue a consulting agreement with Element Bars. The consulting agreement engages us in a one-month recipe development process where we work to create the best custom formulation for your bar. You own the formula, but there is an up-front cost of $5k for the one-month engagement. We will work with you to develop one flavor and produce two iterations of that flavor, while we provide you with advice to create an optimal product. We will also cover the sourcing of specialized ingredients for your bar and provide advice on packaging options.

Option Three:Private Labeling

The third option is for you to create a bar on our build-a-bar interface or private label one of the popular bars on our website. This option is the lowest cost but also the least popular, since the recipe remains Element Bars intellectual property.


Most of our customers choose to follow through on options one or two, since these options allow them to own the formula for their bar. Once the recipe development process has been completed and you are ready for production, Element Bars can produce your bars with minimum production trials starting at 1,000 for $3/bar.

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